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As you all know I'm currently in college, in fact, this is my fourth week.
I didn't, however, tell you all that my major was Game Design and Development.
Now you might think that this seems perfect and that this page would make a great portfolio.
the only problem with that is all of the game rips, it'd look bad for someone who wants to get into the industry to have "stolen" from it
so with that being said I do need a place to host all of my original models and future commissions so I'm making a new page.
Now what will happen to this page here? it will stay up but chances are I won't post anymore, sorry

Will I link to my new page here so that you guys can find me? No, it sad to loose everyone who has been so supportive but my new account will have my personal info on it and I can't give it to all of you
What do I plan to post on my new account? well, 3d models (duh), games demos (I'm a student so don't expect full games for a while), sprites, and concept art.
can you get in contact with me? well, I may set up a skype or email for you guys but I will never be able to tell you guys directly about my new account or projects as I've started because of privacy reasons
If you have any more questions please ask and I'll answer before I truly switch to my other account

Anyway I wish you all well and I look forward to where this new path in life takes me
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United States


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